Ideas for my Capstone

1.) Research what types of dance/movement different people respond to. ex) Does a person with depression respond to different movements than a person with anxiety? Does a person with Parkinson’s respond to different movement than a person with cancer? etc. I will then take my research and create a hypothetical program. I will make a website for it and display all of my knowledge.

2.) I will research all of the same things as option no. 1 except I will find patients who would be willing to let me work with them in individual or group settings. After a serious of meetings I will give them a feedback sheet with a serious of questions asking them if they felt a positive difference from dance/movement therapy, if they would continue their experience, and if they felt I had a strong understanding in the field.

3.) I will find a dance/movement therapist who would let me shadow them for a certain number of hours. I will follow up with a reflective/research paper after I clocked in my hours.

4.) Conduct a serious of dance/movement therapy sessions as a form of stress management for university students to see if it reduces stress levels, also to see if it helps to enhance their academic performance.

5.) Conduct workshops for middle school and/or high school students who may deal with bullying issues (either the bully or the target). I’ll be working with the staff of the schools to see if bullying issues have decreased over the serious of workshops.


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