Exam Essay


The Problem Centering approach attacks an issue by using all disciplines to solve that issue. I have decided to use the cluster of Health and Human Enrichment for this project. Student and teachers will come together to develop a program that will greatly benefit the lives of the Plymouth State Community. At Plymouth State it is known that this community truly wants their fellow PSU members to succeed wether they are an employee or student. It is tremendously difficult to do so when you have poor health, personal issues, or even a weak support system. There will be a room set up in the HUB that is easily noticeable and accessible where community members can go for both physical and mental health check ups. Community members can also go to pick up free vitamins or over the counter medication that are essential for you every day bodily functions. There will also be a daily psychologist or psychiatrist for those with mental health issues. On top of the available nurses, and doctors there will be a 24/7 help line available for anyone who may need someone to talk to about personal issues, or if they have problems making personal relationships on their own. Career peer advisors and writing center workers will also have open hours where students can drop in for help, along with sign up sheets where students can request  a tutor for a class they may be struggling with.


Contextualization takes information and looks at all that information in a much bigger way by learning about its full context. I have decided to use the cluster of Arts and Technology for this project. The Music, Theatre, Dance Department, and Art Department will all come together to make a grand show. All three departments will decide on a theme to bring awareness to the community such as Child Poverty and Homelessness. They will then turn the entire Silver Center into a show/display. Dancing and acting, art pieces, live music, impressive graphic design and light design displays will be filling the silver center to captivate the audience in the theme. Most of the money that will be raised will then be donated to an organization that deals with the theme it was based on, in this case an organization that fights Child Poverty and Homelessness. The rest of the money will be divided between the two departments.


Conceptualization takes a concept and has you think about it in a different way. I have decided to use the cluster of Tourism, Environment, and Sustainable Development for this project. Students and teachers will come together to develop a program that takes willing participants on a trip throughout tourist locations such as Brazil. According to wikipedia, “Tourism is travel for pleasure; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists.” All of this will be included within the trip, by taking the participants to beaches, site seeing spots, and entertainment. However; apart from the vacation aspect they will also learn about the environment they are in and how to take away life lessons from this experience. You can learn a lot from other cultures. The participants will then develop sustainable development goals based on what they took away from the community they traveled to that they feel their local community can use, and also create sustainable development goals based on what they feel the community they are visiting could benefit from. They will then present the goals to each community in hopes to make a positive difference. Goals can consist of affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, etc.


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  1. These are great! Maybe you could do a bit better distinguishing between conceptualizing and contextualizing, but this is a solid start, and we will talk about the distinctions more fully in class.


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